PSA: It's Time We Wear Pretty Hair Accessories Again

Time to step it up a notch!
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Ever since a Gossip Girl reboot was confirmed, I found myself binge-watching THE original Upper East Side teen drama during my free time (which obvs equated to sleep-deprived nights and staying in on weekends.) Its was so nostalgic. It reminded me of how things were when the show was such a hit in the mid 2000s: Everybody's style back then was influenced by the lead characters, Blair and Serena. (B & S if you're a loyalist!)

Serena (played by Blake Lively, but of course, you already know that!) always donned boho chic hubadera clothing. She further popularized that It Girl messy hair—it looked like she was always bagong gising and used tons of Bumble and Bumble Surf Sea Salt Spray (a Hollywood hairstylist fave) to achieve her daily look. On the other hand, Blair Waldorf (portrayed by Leighton Meester) was the epitome of preppy glam. She wore frilly blouses, expertly tailored blazers, colored tights, and her signature statement headbands.

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As I was dissecting the key looks in every scene, I couldn't help but remember when people were suddenly obsessed with hair accessories, particularly oversized headbands, or "Blair Bands" because of the show. And then, I thought, maybe it's time that we should also reboot our love for hair adornments. I mean, not just headbands—which btw made a comeback earlier this year—but every type of hair accessory available on Earth.

Hear me out, please. Sure, letting your hair down is totally fine, but putting on a hair accessory can make a huge difference on your look. If you're sparing precious a.m. time filling in your kilay and apply drunk blush with your fave cheek tint, why not spend some time prepping your locks, too?

Now that I have your attention, allow me to round up the hair accessories you should consider:


Since we're on the topic of Blair Waldorf, we must start with this headbands. I'm so thankful the Gossip Girl era made it possible for delicately designed pieces to join the pool of classic headbands.

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Velvet headbands

The luxurious fabric instantly adds a polished touch to your look.

Padded headbands

This runway look can easily be worn in real life!

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Embellished headbands

This is the answer if you're too tamad to fix your hair or strapped for cash to book a hairstylist for your friend's wedding. Just put it on well-combed hair and you're done!

Satin headbands

Certainly a classic piece you can wear from day to night.

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Braided headbands

Add a twist to your look—literally.

To get the look

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H&M Alice Band with Knot Detail, P599, SM Megamall


Parfois Knotted Headband, P790, SM Megamall

Bondi Studios
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Bondi Studios Charlotte Headband, P850,


Bows are my personal favorite because they're the easiest to get your hands on! Craft stores like Carolina's Lace Shoppe and Buttons and Wrap carry gossamer, satin, velvet, and many more types of ribbons that you can buy to use for your hair. You can even repurpose the ribbons that come with gifts and purchases.


Velvet ribbons lend a vintage effect to your look.

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Here's a sweet and dainty look you can try.

Label love

Give the ribbon that came with your pricey designer bag to good use. You may add this to the bag's cost-per-wear, I guess?

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Get the look:


Stradivarius Swiss Embroidery Hair Bow, P545, Glorietta

Forever 21
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Forever 21 Crinkle Bow Hair Tie, SM Megamall


Scrunchies are making a comeback, and you should definitely consider wearing them again. If you're a ponytail type of girl, you'll love scrunchies for sure: they're made of cloth, so they won't tug or damage your hair.

Velvet scrunchies

You and your ate wore this in grade school. Don't @ me.

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Sheer scrunchies

This was made for gals who like the dreamy aesthetic.

Printed scrunchies

Playful prints are always welcome, of course! Plus points if it comes with your fave cartoon (or BTS) character.

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Make your ponytails a little fancier than usual.

To get the look:

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Parfois Floral Print Scrunchie, P390, Glorietta

Isla Things Organza and Satin Scrunchie, to order from Isla Things Instagram account


These big-girl barrettes are too pretty to be just ignored. 

Classic and simple

Minimalist barrettes like this can be used forever. 

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When you can't say the words, let your hair do the talking.


The safest way to try OTT accessories is by going with clean, abstract designs.

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Animal Appeal

Get everybody's attention with animal-shaped clips!


Level up your hair bling with some label love. Tip: You can use a brooch as a hair clip if you want to try something different, just like how Heart Evangelista used vintage Chanel brooches for this look!

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Get the look:

Beach Born

Beach Born Bee Hair Clip, P167, Beach Born

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Stradivarius Set of 4 Pearl Bead Heart Hair Clips, P695, Glorietta


Nami x Suyen Cecilia Gold Plated Hair Clip, P3,590,


A scarf is your most versatile accessory. You can use it as a top, hair tie, and a headband. Owning one is a sulit style investment.


Wear a piece of artwork on your hair.

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You can't go wrong with stripes!

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Get the look:


H&M Scrunchie with scarf detail, P499, SM Megamall

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Love Marie x Kamiseta Scarf, P748, SM Megamall


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