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How To Get Rid Of Flyaways Because Tikwas Hair Is Annoying AF

Take control of your hair, and not the other way around.
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Whether you have long or short locks, flyaway hair happens. Unruly locks usually result from damaged strands, improper drying, and awkward haircuts, among other things. TBH, it's pretty normal to have flyaways. But, if you ~*really*~ want to get rid of flipped ends and baby hair, try these solutions.

  1. Condition your hair every day.

    The best way to prevent frizzy and unruly hair is by regularly nourishing your strands with a hydrating conditioner. Go for a formula that won't weigh your tresses down. Once a week, you can go the extra mile by soaking your locks in a rich hair mask.


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  2. Ditch the bath towel.

    Prevent flyaways by using a microfiber hair wrap after every wash. Terry cloth, the material used for regular bath towels triggers frizz, static, and breakage. 

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  3. Control the ends while your hair is damp.

    When your hair is damp, it's easier to control its shape. To prevent flyaways, twirl the ends inwards using your hands or soft foam rollers. This way, your hair will look great even when air-dried.

  4. Heat 'em up.

    If you have time to get ready, you can blow-dry your hair. And because copying the way salon stylists do it (with a boar brush) is difficult, you may just flip your head upside down and blast the blow-dryer as you tousle your strands with your fingers. If flipped ends are your only problem, the quickest trick to try is to "fix" them with a straightening iron. PSA: Spritz heat protectant before doing any of these methods!

  5. Style as you please.

    Leave-in conditioners and gels can tame cowlicks, baby hair, and unruly ends. Massage the styling products on the tips to control their movement and shape. You can also use a toothbrush to tame them.


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  6. Get a trim or a better haircut.

    The way the hair was cut determines how it naturally falls. A good haircut will look good whether it was air-dried or heat-styled. If you can't decide which hairstyle to get, here's our ultimate guide to universally flattering haircuts.


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