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Janella Salvador's Hairstyle Is Perfect For All Face Shapes

PHOTO: Instagram/chrisrodil

We love that Janella Salvador keeps on experimenting with hairstyles. The girl is never afraid to try risky looks—we even listed down our faves here! This time, her hairstylist Chris Rodil created a more glam version of the forever flattering asymmetrical hairstyle. It was a deep side part with tiny dutch braided rows PLUS sparkly barrettes placed in between!


What's special about this hairdo is that it will work for everyone. Parting the hair to one side brings out your eyes and cheekbones. This also mimics the effects of a face lift—the face shape appears slimmer and well-defined.

In case you wanted to learn the exact same braiding technique Chris did on Janelle's tresses, here's a step-by-step video you can refer to:

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How To Dutch Braid Your Own Hair For Beginners

But if you find doing dutch braids on yourself to be complicated and time-consuming, we suggest an easier alternative. Simply clip in three bejewelled barrettes to create the same face-lifting effect!

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