How To Wear Korean-Inspired Hair Accessories Like Anne Curtis


If you're a true K-fan, you’ve definitely tried to look ~*kyeopta*~ with K-hair, bow ties, hair clips, and hats. Well, you’re not alone. Here, we’ve compiled all the times our fellow Korean fan Anne Curtis sported K-inspired hair, and how you can get the looks, too:

  1. Easy clips

    Comb your hair to a side-part and secure one side with an easy grip clip, and—*voila*—instant cuteness in seconds!

    Flatbread hair clip, P412.76, Kooding

  2. Dainty side bows

    Of course, Korean protagonists are pros at turning their ~aegyo~ on and what better way to do so than with little girl ribbons, huge innocent eyes, and a pout?

    Cotton candy hair ribbon, P309.44, Kooding

  3. Fancy snap clips

    Snap clips with embellishments, glitters, or feminine prints—the list of K-accessories are endless! Anne definitely has a growing collection of them, too.

    Jumbo snap clips, P225.05, Claire’s

  4. Bobby pins

    This signature Korean look is the easiest to copy. Put on a cutesy sweater or a little high school-inspired dress, and then just add bobby pins—two, please!

    Pearl and star design bobby pin set, P149.81, Forever 21 

  5. Bow headbands

    Koreans don’t only wear it at home or while they’re washing their face. Anne wears hers with slightly disheveled hair—chic!

    Red headband with bow, P499, H&M

  6. Ribbon ponytails

    Another way to wear bows is around your ponytail.

    Blush ribbon choker that can be worn as a hair tie, P571.56, Claire’s

  7. Cute berets

    Amp up the cuteness by wearing stylish berets—plus points if you get one with a cute little poof on top!

    Faux pom-pom beret, P574.98, Forever 21

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