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This Girl Shows You How To Cut K-Style Bangs

Here are the steps to achieve a ~sheer fringe~.
PHOTO: Instagram/elliejellyb3an

You may know Ellie Choi as the Korean girl who dished her "Glass Skin" secrets. But instead of divulging more tips for getting a porcelain complexion, now she's showing you how to achieve a hairstyle that most K-celebs have: Sheer or see-through bangs!

Keep reading for a breakdown of her guide!

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  1. Gather the hair you want for your bangs.

    First, part your hair in the middle. Next, gather the strands you want to turn into bangs. Divide them into three parts and remember that the middle section should be the thickest since this will be your fringe's "body." 

  2. Use a pair of clean scissors.

    If you own haircutting shears, use that to trim your strands. But if you don't have one, regular scissors can work, too! Just make sure they're clean to avoid bacteria and germs from sticking to your hair and forehead.

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  3. Cut your bangs longer.

    Ellie recommends cutting your bangs longer because you can easily trim it again until you get your desired length! Basically, it's harder to fix your fringe if you cut it too short. For sheer bangs, the hair should end just below your brows. For a flattering, face-framing result, keep the sides a bit longer than the rest of the fringe.

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  4. Use a flat iron to style it.

    Once you have your new look, take your flat iron and style them inward for a ~*bouncy*~ finish!

  5. Loosen them up.

    Tousle your ~fresh~ fringe with your fingers to sheer it out, and part it however you like. And ta-da! Now you have bangs like Song Hye Kyo!

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