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These Celebs Will Convince You To Get Micro Bangs

It's definitely worth the risk!
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/sueannadoodles, (RIGHT) Instagram/laurenreidabook

The hottest haircut of 2018 is still bangs! While many went for the classic full and curtain fringe, others took a risk and cut them really short. With so many celebs with micro bangs, aren't you just the tiniest bit curious to try the look for yourself? Check out how you can style them if you ever decide to chop more off your fringe! ;)

Sue Ramirez

Pre-pixie cut, Sue's baby bangs added edge to her sweet look. 

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Coleen Garcia

Just because you have micro bangs doesn't mean you have to wear them full on forever. Just look at Coleen! Some days she wears them full with waves, while there are times she slicks them to the side or parts them in the middle to match her updo!

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Lauren Reid

A micro fringe can work for sharp features. In Lauren's case, it helped accentuate her well-defined bone structure. Gorgeous!

Bela Padilla

If you love anything retro or vintage, try Bela's style! The rich, black-brown 'do is the perfect throwback to the '40s. 

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Emma Watson

The post that started it all! While Emma Watson isn't the first celeb to sport micro bangs, she did re-ignite the trend. After posting her selfie on January 2018, everyone suddenly started cutting their own bangs short.

Kim Jones

If you have a bob and want micro bangs, you don’t have to worry about looking like Dora the Explorer. With the right styling, you'll look like a chic fashionista!

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