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The *Very* Best Haircuts For Every Face Shape

Endless haircut ideas, right this way!
The Best Haircuts for Every Face Shape
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A haircut can make you instantly feel better (or worse!) about yourself, so choosing the right style is crucial. After all, the head is the first thing people notice. If you want to make a seriously good first impression, say it with hair.

Although celebs are the primary sources of inspiration, it's not advisable to persuade your stylist to do the *exact* cut you see on them. One must consider factors like texture, lifestyle, and face shape. So, to guide you in the selection process, we listed down the most in-demand haircuts of Filipinas. We included all the details that matter to you: If it would match your personality, suit your face shape, and work with your natural hair texture. Ahead, the Pinay's ultimate guide to haircut ideas!

The Best Haircuts For Every Face Shape


A century ago, women were always expected to grow their hair long, so when Polish hairdresser Antoine de Paris cut ladies' tresses above their chins in Paris in the early 1900s, the society was shocked with the *rebellion.* Fast forward to today, the bob is considered a classic and popular choice for all seasons. No matter what hair texture you have, there is a version that will suit you. 

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Blunt Bob

Best for: Oval, heart, and square face shapes; straight hair

Instantly look like a cool girl with a one-length chin bob. The It-Girl appeal of this chop comes with a price: It requires regular trims if you want to maintain the length and sharpness. As for your daily styling routine, you can emphasize the blunt edges by spritzing the ends with a medium-hold hairspray.

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Layered Bob

Best for: All face shapes; straight, wavy, curly hair

For ladies with full cheeks, you can still pull off a bob as long as you add face-framing layers. And because of the flattering shaggy cut, one could never go wrong with this style.

Asymmetrical Bob

Best for: Square and round face shapes; straight, wavy, and curly hair

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The asymmetrical bob has been around since the 1920s, but you may recall seeing it on Victoria Beckham. She wore the said hairstyle in 2006, which led the cut to be called the Pob, from her Spice Girl nickname, Posh Spice. The sophisticated-looking shape makes looking put-together a breeze. Plus, the longer front ends frame the jawline, creating an illusion of a V-shape face. 

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A coined term for a long bob, this cut ends a little bit below the shoulders, with the tresses grazing the neck and touching the collarbones. It's flattering for everyone, and it's pretty low-maintenance. See the variations of this one-size-fits-all haircut:

Blunt Lob

Best for: All face shapes; straight hair

An edgy take on the lob, this calls for razor-sharp ends and precise shear skills. This is best worn sleek to emphasize the shape. To get rid of flyaways, it's important to flip the tips inwards with a straightener, and then mist with hairspray to lock the style in.

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Layered Lob

Best for: All face shapes; straight, wavy, and curly hair

A great choice if you want to add shape and contours to a round shape. This downplays round cheeks and brings out the dimension of your face. Massaging serum or leave-in conditioner on the ends regularly will keep your cut in tip-top shape.

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Wavy Lob

Best for: All face shapes

If you're a fan of the lived-in look, then this lob style is for you. To achieve its messy texture, spritz sea salt spray on curled hair. Oh, did we mention that this 'do is sooo IG-worthy?

Long Hairstyles

Tresses past the shoulders will always be in style. Here are the long haircuts you can choose from, depending on your hair type and face shape.

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Shaggy and layered

Best for: Round and square face shapes; straight, wavy, and curly hair

Front layers universally flatter any face shape. Plus, strategically snipped ends add volume and shape to the hair. In terms of style versatility, it's the easiest to maintain: It will still look great air-dried, permed, or straightened.

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Best for: Oval face shape; straight and wavy hair

For purists who want to keep every strand the same length, the important thing to be reminded of is to always lift the roots so that the hair won't weigh the face down. It's also vital to massage serum or leave-in conditioner on the ends to make sure that they won't look frizzy and dry. Regular trims are advised to prevent the tresses from looking drab and dated.

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The fastest beauty makeover you can try is to get bangs. Depending on the style you want, you can flip your aura from soft to edgy! But either way, one thing's for sure: You will always look cool!

Full Bangs

Best for: Oval, oblong, round; straight and wavy hair

Having our foreheads covered by a big chunk of hair was probably our signature hairstyle when we were kids. To make full bangs look more modern, have the tips snipped diagonally to resemble subtle jagged edges.

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Curtain Bangs

Best for: All face shapes; straight, wavy, curly hair

How could anyone resist the sexy boho appeal of curtain bangs? The long layers near the cheekbones frame the face, making this look suitable for everyone. Spritz a bit of dry shampoo on your fringe if you want it to look chunky and thicc. ;)

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Wispy Bangs

Best for: All face shapes; straight hair

If you're into the romantic look, try wispy bangs. You'll love how softly the piece-y strands fall on your forehead. Bonus: You can easily retouch this on your own by trimming the ends with an almost vertically positioned pair of shears.

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Side-swept Bangs

Best for: Oval, square, round

Side-swept bangs are popular, thanks to their multiple face-framing abilities. This style creates an asymmetric division that downplays the areas of the face you may be conscious of, like wide cheekbones, a large forehead, or round cheeks. 

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Best for: Oval, heart, and oblong face shapes; straight and wavy hair

If you dare to be C-O-O-L, super short blunt bangs are a must-try. The quirky length is risky to pull off, so we rarely see it on anyone. But if you're a daredevil, just be reminded that micro bangs should never be DIY'd and require a trim every so often. 

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Pixie cut

Another risky haircut is the pixie cut. Most people are afraid to try it because they think that their face would appear bigger or that they would look like a man. But with the right stylist and proper advice, you can totally pull it off.

Best for: Oval, oblong, heart, and square face shapes; straight, wavy, and curly hair

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