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10 Pigtail Hairstyles That Are *Anything* But Childish

Your fave hairstyle just grew TF up.
PHOTO: (left) instagram/hungvanggo; (right) instagram/kyliejenner

I went through a pretty major pigtail phase in elementary school. But now that I'm a full-fledged ~adult~, the thought of combing my hair into two little pigtails makes me feel eight years old again (which, like, no thanks). And then I discovered that the classic pigtail hairstyle has grown TF up since I last wore it—and my Instagram feed is proof. So before you say "nah" on the pigtail trend like I almost did, I rounded up 10 super-cool pigtail hairstyles that are anything but childish, including sleek braids, low ponies, and more. I guess I'm back on my pigtail grind.

  1. Tessa Thompson's Pigtail Braids

    Everything about this pigtail hairstyle is so damn sleek. Channel Tessa Thompson and tightly braid your pigtails for a smooth look.

  2. Hailey Baldwin's High Pigtails

    NGL, I thought this pic of Hailey Baldwin was Baby Spice for a sec (that pigtail and scrunchie combo is such a mood). Since you aren't braiding your hair for this look, don't be afraid to play up your volume with a texturizing spray.

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  3. Yara Shahidi's Low Pigtails

    The coolest way to wear pigtails in 2020? Comb your hair into a sleek and shiny side part (the glossier, the better) and secure the ponytails at the nape of your neck à la Yara Shahidi.

  4. These Chunky Pigtail Braids

    Level up your go-to French braid and opt for a pair of chunky pigtails instead. Just a heads up that this hairstyle is easiest to recreate on thicker, fuller hair textures (especially if you're going for that loose and chunky look).

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  5. These Pigtail Buns

    Okay, fine—these buns aren't technically pigtails, but they're pretty damn close (pigtail buns, anyone?). After combing your hair into two high ponytails on either side of your part, wind the ends around the base until you're left with two teeny ballerina buns, then secure with a scrunchie.

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  6. These Pigtails with Curly Bangs

    Pigtail braids + curly bangs = total freaking power move. Feel free to play around with texture when recreating this look—you can leave your braids tight and sleek and your bangs full and fluffy.

  7. These Bow-Adorned Pigtail Braids

    The holidays may be over, but I plan on wearing this festive look every chance I can this year. After creating two French braids, just tie the ends together with a big, velvet bow to take things to the next level.

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  8. These Braided Pigtails

    Pigtails are a great way to style protective hairstyles, too. Just split your braids into two sections and secure 'em with elastics to finish off the look. A lightweight hair oil will keep your pigtails smooth and hydrated.

  9. Kylie Jenner's High Pigtails

    There's something so effortless about Kylie Jenner's take on pigtails—they're smooth and shiny enough to look intentional, but they definitely aren't over the top. BRB while I recreate this look immediately.

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  10. These Accessorized Pigtail Braids

    Hair accessories and pigtails aren't mutually exclusive, y'all. Try adding clips or pins throughout your braids to spice things up a bit (personally, I'll be buying these pearl hairpins to tack on the ends of my pigtails).

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