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Here Are 7 Major Reasons We Love Argan Oil, AKA 'Liquid Gold'

We're in love with this miracle oil!
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When we talk about beauty oils, argan is definitely on top of our lists. It's one of the most well-known kinds out there, and for good reason.

Argan oil has a ton of benefits. It's not just for the hair, but for the body as well. It's ultra-moisturizing, and it has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that make it a great all-around oil.

Below, we list some of the benefits that this ~*miracle*~ oil provides:

  1. It works great as a hair conditioner.

    This miracle oil is rich in nutrients and vitamins like A, C, and E, antioxidants, and linoleic acid. This powerful combination will leave your strands softer, shinier, and more manageable.

  2. It's great as a hair oil.

    Using hair oil is ~essential~ for healthy hair because it can keep your hair shiny and frizz-free.

  3. It moisturizes the skin.

    Apart from hair care products, argan oil is also commonly found in lotions, moisturizers, and soaps. This is because of its abundance in vitamin E, a fat-soluble antioxidant that helps with the skin's water retention! Simply explained, it's a fantastic skin moisturizer.

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  4. It can treat some skin conditions. 

    This miracle oil contains a large number of healing properties which include anti-bacterial and anti-inflammation. These help in reducing the symptoms of various skin conditions like psoriasis, rosacea, and atopic dermatitisEd note: If you have serious skin conditions, please consult your dermatologist before self-medicating with oils.

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  5. It can heal acne.

    Acne is a result of your skin's oil production going on overdrive, and argan oil has anti-sebum effects that can regulate the amount of oil being produced. Ed note: If you have serious skin conditions, please consult your dermatologist before self-medicating with oils.

  6. It reduces the skin's oiliness.

    You may think this seems counterintuitive because um... fighting oil WITH oil? This actually works, though! Due to argan oil's sebum-reducing capabilities, it can help decrease the sheen and oiliness on your face.

  7. It is good for anti-aging.

    The combination of both topical and cosmetic argan oil led to a significant increase in the skin's elasticity. This is due to the oil's high linoleic acid content. Plus, it's also rich in vitamin E which aids in diminishing scarring, redness, and inflammation.

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Below, we have compiled the best argan oil-infused products for your hair and face:

  1. Best Argan Oil-Infused Product: Lakme K.Therapy Bio-Argan Oil

    If you have frizzy hair and split ends, give your tresses a treat with this oil from Lakme! It's a dry, light-textured oil that is easily absorbed so you're not left without that heavy, greasy feeling. 

    Lakme K.Therapy Bio-Argan Oil, P1,475, HairMNL


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  2. Best Argan Oil-Infused Product: Naturals by Watsons Argan Oil Hair Mask

    If you have colored hair, chances are its ~dry~ AF, so quench its thirst by using a hair mask every once in a while! This argan oil-infused mask from Watsons' Naturals range is loaded with vitamin E and essential fatty acids—they will improve your strands' elasticity and protect them from future damage.

    Naturals by Watsons Argan Oil Hair Mask, P159, Watsons


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  3. Best Argan Oil-Infused Product: Be Organic Bath & Body Bestselling Argan Oil Shampoo

    Be Organic's argan oil shampoo is sulfate- and chemical-free and it repairs, nourishes, and strengthens your mane. It also prevents frizz, restores shine, and it helps with hair growth.

    Be Organic Bath & Body Bestselling Argan Oil Shampoo, P350, BeautyMNL


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  4. Best Argan Oil-Infused Product: Naturals by Watsons Argan Oil Hair Oil

    Tame frizzy strands by massaging this argan hair oil from Watsons' Naturals range. This will leave your mane sleek and shiny, and the best part is that it won't make you feel greasy and heavy!

    Naturals by Watsons Argan Oil Hair Oil, P199, Watsons


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  5. Best Argan Oil-Infused Product: Oil of Argan Argan Oil + Green Tea Conditioner

    This conditioner combines the goodness of argan oil and green tea to give you soft and silky hair! It's also sulfate-free, which is great if you have got colored hair.

    Oil of Argan Argan Oil + Green Tea Conditioner, P270, Calyxta


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  6. Best Argan Oil-Infused Product: Nivea Oil in Lotion Rose and Argan Oil

    After taking a bath, slather on this rose + argan oil lotion all over your body while it's still damp—this is so that the water locks in the moisture from the cream. You'll end up with baby-soft skin!

    Nivea Oil in Lotion Rose and Argan Oil, P189, Watsons


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  7. Best Argan Oil-Infused Product: The Ordinary 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Moroccan Argan Oil

    If you need an all-around oil for your body and hair, pick this one from cult-favorite brand The Ordinary. It will reduce the appearance of dry patches and flakes on your skin, and it will add some sheen to your strands!

    The Ordinary 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Moroccan Argan Oil, P660, BeautyMNL


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