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Here Are The Best Pixie Cuts For Your Face Shape

If you're feeling hot, it's time to give your hair a drastic chop!
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Yes, getting a pixie cut is a huge beauty risk. But it's something you might want to consider in this humid af weather, if not for style's sake. Imagine: You'll have less hairfall, you won't have to shop for shampoo and conditioner every two weeks, and you'll keep styling products to a minimum.

Can my face shape pull off a pixie haircut?

The truth is, EVERYONE can pull off a pixie cut with the help of a good hairstylist. The right hair sectioning, texturing, and length are crucial to finding the ideal style for you. For example, bangs might suit an oval face, but not a round one. An asymmetrical cut could flatter a heart-shaped face, while layers could soften a square jawline. Your lifestyle should also be taken into consideration: Are you going to be okay with regular maintenance trims? Is your hair dyed? That means the regrowth will be more obvious, and you'll need frequent visits to the salon. A pixie cut is actually more high-maintenance than you think, so be ready to fully commit to this style if you think it's for you.

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If you're ready to make the big chop, read up on the most flattering pixie cuts for your face shape:


As with any other cut for round face shapes, texture is key to bring out the contours of your face. We also recommend parting your hair to the side to give it a more angular shape!

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Lucky girl! This means you can be experimental with your look like Katy Perry. Or you can always opt for something more low-key and simple. It's up to you because in the end, it'll still look good.


Because of your angular face, make sure the cut is piecey enough to help balance out your stronger jaw.

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Bangs will make your new 'do stand out, but if you don't want to get them, a longer cut in front and a shorter one at the back will make for one flattering style!

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You can go for a cut that's similar to those that would work on a round face, but make sure you have a ton of volume on top to prevent it from looking flat and dull.

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