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These Are The *Most* Flattering Short Haircuts For Round Faces

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Best short haircuts for round faces

I got a haircut last week, and I dared to get a short hairstyle. I have a round face shape—aka I've got chubby cheeks since birth—so I've always been careful in choosing a hair length. I was always wary that my hair would weigh my face down or emphasize my plump cheeks and wide face.

I asked Len, one of the senior hairstylists from Azta Urban Salon Alabang Town Center branch for the number one rule I had to follow when choosing a short hairstyle for my round face shape. Her answer was simple and straightforward: "The front ends should always go past the chin." She explained that this technique frames the face and balances the roundness of the face. So, #TeamBabyface, let's remember this tip each time we visit the salon. 

On that note, here are some flattering haircut pegs you can refer to:

(Ed's note: The models depicted in this story don't necessarily have round face shapes but their hairstyles represent the recommended look.)

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The Best Short Haircuts For Round Faces


The asymmetrical bob is exactly what Len recommended to those with round face shapes. The front ends are longer, and the length on the back is shorter. It's a pretty fierce hairstyle, especially when your iron your hair out or define your curls.

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Soft blunt bob

If you want to go for a sharp, blunt bob haircut ask for subtle layers. This way, the ends won't weigh your face down.


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Choppy pixie cut

A textured pixie cut helps balance the roundness of the cheeks. Go for a deep side part to give the chin a bit of length.

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Bob with wispy bangs

Wispy bangs add texture to a classic bob haircut.

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Lob with side-swept bangs.

You can never go wrong with side-swept bangs whatever your face shape may be.

Lob with long curtain bangs

Curtain bangs look great on any hair texture and face shape! Ask for long curtain bangs if you want a subtle fringe that you can easily style away from your face.

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Textured lob

Again, texture is the key when you've got a round face shape, The choppy layers downplay chubby cheeks.

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