9 Hairstyles To Try If You Have Thin Hair

We have options for every hair length.

If your thickening hair products are taking a while to work their magic on your locks, try these hairstyles to make your tresses look voluminous, stat!

Short Hair

Wavy Bob 

Sporting loose waves and a deep side part will give your mane that much-needed dimension + boost.

Slicked Back Pixie

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While pixie cuts already make thin hair appear thicker, this pompadour-esque 'do will take it to another level. To get the same effect, you're going to need a hair dryer and a lot of mousse to build up the volume. ;)

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Blunt Bob 

If you thought this look can't work for thin hair, you're wrong! Blow-drying your strands inward will make your mane appear fuller and *shinier*.

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Medium-Length Hair

The Shag 

When it comes to bangs for thin strands, go for a long, wispy style (instead of thick and heavy) to softly frame your face. Plus, it won't take too much hair away from the top of your head.

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Beach Waves 

This style is perfect for girls with thin hair because the waves will add texture and width. Bonus trick: Part your hair on the opposite side of what you're used to and slightly teasing the roots to pump up the volume.

Messy Ponytail 

If you're conscious of wearing a regular ponytail because of your thin hair, try this one instead! By backcombing the roots of your locks, you add an illusion of thickness to the whole look.

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Long Hair

Bouncy Curls 

Yes, even if you have thin strands, you can still sport this Gigi-approved hairstyle! Opt for a one-inch curling iron when styling your tresses to make the curls tighter.

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Feathered Hair

This '70s-inspired 'do uses movement and perfectly coiffed waves to make it appear like you have voluminous locks.

Side Swept 

This is the easiest trick for long-haired gals: Just gather your locks to one side and create a deep side part. You can use adorable clips or pins to prettify it, too!

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