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Temporary Hair Color Products You Need To Try Right Now

These will instantly change your look without going to the salon!

Dyeing your hair a different color involves time (at least an hour), money (the amount depends on what shade you're getting), and commitment (you will need special hair care products). This is why we love temporary hair colors! They usually come in an easy-to-use spray, wax, or pomade form, and allow anyone to achieve the hair color they want and wash them off as soon as they jump in the shower!

Ready to give it a go? Keep scrolling for our picks:

  1. Cospray Washable Haircolor Spray

    If you like rainbow hair colors such as pink, blue, and violet, Cospray is the way to go. It works like a dry shampoo, except instead of freshening up your strands, it colors it! Just be mindful of how much product you apply because it's easy to go overboard and end up with a chalky mess.

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    Cospray Washable Haircolor Spray, P225, Lazada

  2. Penshoppe Style Colored Hair Wax

    Don't let the consistency of this wax fool you. Once the colored wax is blended onto your hair, it will leave it soft and bouncy! Tip: Apply the wax on small sections of tangle-free hair to ensure each strand is properly coated.

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    Penshoppe Style Colored Hair Wax, P149, Lazada

  3. Conceal Instantly Gray Hair Touch-Up Solution Brush Tip

    Aside from covering up the stray gray hairs you may have, brushing this solution on the roots of your mane can tame baby hairs.

    Conceal Instantly Gray Hair Touch-Up Solution Brush Tip, P250, Shopee

  4. L'Oreal Magic Retouch Instant Gray Root Concealer Spray

    This color spray will give your tresses an instant color boost and can last all day or until you wash your hair again.

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    L'Oreal Magic Retouch Instant Gray Root Concealer Spray, P399, Lazada

  5. Lemonhead Spacejam Face, Hair, And Body Glitter

    Unleash your inner festival queen by applying this creamy glitter pomade all over your hair for a whimsical effect! The pomade contains good for your skin ingredients such as aloe vera and jojoba oil so you won't have to worry about it clogging your scalp.

    Lemonhead Spacejam Face, Hair, And Body Glitter, P1,849, Sephora

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  6. Splat Hair Chalk

    Always wanted rainbow highlights? Apply your color of choice to various sections of dry hair to create a unicorn-esque hairstyle that's easy to style and wash-off!

    Splat Hair Chalk, P180, Ayala Malls Fairview Terraces

What's your dream hair color? Let us know in the comments section below. Don't forget to join our Cosmo Beauty Group,too, for an exclusive CG chat!

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