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These Girls Ended Up Almost Losing Their Brows Because Of This Trend

Blame the lash glue.

We’ve seen and read a lot of ~*life-changing*~ beauty hacks on the Internet. While most of them live up to the hype, some of them are just plain dangerous.

The ladies at Buzzfeed tested out an eyebrow trend that was huge in 2015: glitter brows. As in full-on sparkly unicorn glitter brows.

They began by first applying eyelash glue on their arches to make the glitter stick to their brows. And it looked pretty cool—odd but still cool.

The horror started when it was time to get rid of the glitter. After trying the different removal techniques that they found (surprise!) on the Internet, they ended up losing hair. SO. FREAKING. SCARY! Watch the video below:

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Refinery29 reports that the problem was using lash glue on the brows. Lash glue is made to adhere to the skin, not to the brows. Plus, it contains latex, which can pull hair out. Yikes!

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Guess that means we’re sticking with glitter on our lids instead.

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