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7 Times Ylona Garcia Looked Amazing With Bangs

Tell us your hairstyling secrets, Ylona!
PHOTO: Instagram/ylonagarcia

As you know by now, Ylona Garcia is a hair chameleon. Her latest lewk is bangs, and we think she looks amazing with them! (Tell us your secrets, Ylona!) Below, all the times she flaunted her wispy fringe:

When she wore it with a ponytail 

There's no better way to show off your new fringe than with a ponytail!

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When she "messed" it up 

Like certain hairstyles, bangs often look good when they're not perfectly styled. So if your own fringe isn't obeying you today, just relax and let it do its thing.

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When she paired it with a cat eye 

Her full fringe and graphic feline flick made her overall look super glam.

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When she let her baby hairs and bangs shine

An au naturel, off-duty look.

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When she looked all ~grunge~ 

Lol, Ylona looked like a moody '90s teen with her plaid shirt, white sweatshirt, bedhead hair, and angry facial expression!

When she looked like a Korean celebrity

Even with sheer or see-through bangs, Ylona looks so adorable!

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When she parted it in the middle

More proof that curtain bangs looks good on everyone. ;)

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