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You'll Never Guess What The Next Biggest Thing In Beauty Is

It involves dyeing your armpit hair in rainbow colors.

So who here wants to dye their armpits orange?

Seattle-based hairstylist Roxie Hunt has always wanted to color her clients' armpit hair, but she couldn’t find a customer who would volunteer. So, she asked one of her coworkers, Rain, to do it.

Rain agreed.

Rain has bright blue hair, and Roxie wanted to make the color on her armpits blue, too. The color lasted a couple of weeks, until it became pale blonde, and then it went back to Rain’s natural hair color. (Roxie has a full blog post on how to dye your armpits, btw! You know, in case you were interested?)

Roxie says this isn’t just another beauty trend. “I am meeting women who un-apologetically choose not to succumb to the societal pressure of scraping a razor against the soft skin of their bodies. I want to celebrate pit hair,” she wrote.

There's even a YouTube tutorial dedicated to pit dyeing:


Brow bling? Why not? A brand new haircut for 2015? Totally. But dyed armpits? #SYRSLY?!

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