5 Beauty Trends Magui Ford Is Always Wearing

She knows what works for her features.
PHOTO: (left) instagram/niceprintphoto; (right) instagram/magsford

All eyes were on Magui Ford, Daniel Padilla's younger sister, as she turned 18 on February 28, 2020. She celebrated it with a ~bang~ with her family and close friends. We were intrigued by her beauty, so we decided to do a little ~snooping~ on her Instagram feed. Below, we took note of the five beauty trends the debutante is obsessed with:

  1. Eyelash extensions

    As much as we love our mascara and curler, it can be a hassle to use them every morning, only for your lashes to droop down by the end of the day. Magui's answer to that problem? Eyelash extensions. Though they are more ~high-maintenance~ than your usual fake lashes, they can last up to three to four weeks if taken care of properly. That's one less step in your makeup routine!

  2. Glowing skin

    Magui's youthfulness is evident with her glowing skin!

  3. Fresh makeup

    When she wants to appear put-together without much effort, Magui's go-to makeup look consists of the following: Filled-in arches, a hint of blush, and an MLBB lipstick

  4. Clean skin

    Magui sometimes goes barefaced on days she wants to let her skin breathe. (Here are ways on how you can look and feel cute, even without makeup on!)

  5. Neutral makeup look

    For her debut, Magui let go of her lip and cheek tint and was glammed up for the night. Her look was composed of neutral eyeshadow, chiseled cheekbones, filled-in arches, highlighter, and a reddish-brown lippie—all of which emphasized the 18-year-old's freshness and youthfulness.

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