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11 Surprising Things We Learned from YouTube Beauty Tutorials

No wonder these online beauty gurus have videos that get millions of views--they're not only gorgeous, they're super smart and practical too!

Because of these Youtube beauty video bloggers, we use business cards as eyeliner stencils, steam as instant nail polish mattifiers, and DVD holders to store makeup palettes.

1. Who knew that you don't need lipstick for velvety red lips? Just layer red and brown lip liners with—wait for it—blush! Take it from Kandee Johnson:

2. Or that you can put eyeliner on that mucus membrane between your eyelashes and your eyeball? (P.S. It's called tightlining!) Check out how Tiffany D. does it:

3. There's also no need to buy bottles and bottles of matte nail color, because you can do it yourself with your old nail polish and a bit of steam! Here's Michelle Phan's demo:

4. Also from Michelle Phan (yes, we're certified fans!)—we found out that our business cards can be used to shape our brows, define our winged liner, and even shield our eyelids from mascara stains.

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5. Don't know how to organize your makeup brushes? Ingrid Nilsen shows you how to de-clutter your budoir using things you can find right at home.

6. Meanwhile, Bubbi of Bubzbeauty shows us how a few twists can go a long way with this 'do that only takes a minute to finish. 

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7. For sexy smoldering eyes (think Mila Kunis), there’s no need to reach for that black eyeshadow. Instead, Tanya Burr demonstrates how to use gel liner to create that sexy morning-after look. 

8. Did you know that “puffy eyes” can actually make you look more awake? Amata Chittasenee/Pearypie, a renowned Thai makeup artist, applies silver liner on her lower lashes to achive the illusion of bigger peepers.

9. It’s also great to see beauty gurus go beyond makeup tutorials and venture into storage and organization. Has it ever occurred to you to use DVD holders to keep your makeup palettes? What a great idea from Elle Fowler!

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10. Numerous beauty vloggers also make fashion videos. For instance, Bethany Mota/Macbarbie07 transforms her old sweaters into cute minis in this video. PS. This is perfect for the rainy season!

11. And everyone wants to know: how do you curl hair with a flat iron? The super entertaining Jarmaine/jlovesmac1 shows us how easy it is!