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5 Reasons Why We Love Dolly Wink

This Japanese brand gives us more reasons to get excited over makeup.

Makeup lovers, rejoice! Dolly Wink, one of Japan’s most popular makeup lines has finally reached Philippine shores. There's no need to scour the Web for that elusive cat-eye make-up!

Dolly Wink is available now at SOFA Retail Lab in Rockwell, Yhansy in Shangri-la, Crossing Department Stores, Watsons and soon in other leading stores nationwide.

Here are the reasons why we love Dolly Wink:

1. Sultry falsies.


One of Dolly Wink's most popular products are their false eyelashes: one can go from sporting a natural look to a theatrical get-up in a wink! With Dolly Wink's fun names like Pure Sweet, Diamond Dolly and Baby Girl, how can we resist? Mix it up with partner brand Lash Concierge for different looks every day of the week.


2. Eyeliner that stay in place.

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The liners are handy and smudge-free, helping you get pretty eyes without the mess. Say hi to Gyaru looks, and goodbye to raccoon eyes!

3.  Fuss-free brow mascara.

The brow mascaras come in three shades of brown so you're sure to have the perfect color and the most flattering shaped brows.


4. Colorful eye shadow colors.

Dolly Wink eye shadows are specifically created for glamming it up but there's no stopping us from putting on party makeup every day. These eye shadow colors are absolutely perfect for brightening up a rather dull Monday.

5. Effective eyelash curlers.


Completing one's look is made easy with the help of this cute (and highly effective) Koji Curving eyelash curler. This nifty make-up tool is a must to open up your eyes. It even comes with an elegant case, very thoughtful!

So join us and be a fan, visit the Dolly Wink Facebook page.

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