This 6-Year-Old Girl Can Do Better Makeup Than You

See for yourself!
PHOTO: Instagram/emily._.louise

You may think your makeup skills are good enough as long as you can draw a decent cat-eye, but behold, this little girl from Australia is about to put your beauty game to shame. At six years old (believe it or not), Bella Rose is already breaking the internet with her online makeup tutorials—and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out why.

With the help of beauty vlogger Emily Govan who occasionally posts Bella’s makeup videos on her social media accounts, the little girl and her awe-inspiring skills have already become viral in the online beauty community. “Bella has been around when I’ve filmed and applied makeup and is absolutely fascinated by it,” Emily shared in her interview with Buzzfeed. “Her mom has told me that she would walk into her room and she would be on the iPad watching my Instagram videos and YouTube tutorials.” And now she’s out doing her own!

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Seriously, six-year-old Bella can pass off as a professional makeup artist. Watch her videos below and see for yourself.

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Keep it coming, Bella!

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