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A Girl's Guide To Lipstick Finishes columnist and makeup artist Bianca Valerio schools us on the different types of lipsticks and how to pick out the right ones.

Your lips say so much about you without you having to say anything at all. After the eyes, the lips attract the most attention when you're conversing with someone. Therefore, it's always important to keep yours luscious-looking in the name of lip service!

But with all the products in the market today, what you see on the tube is not always what appears on your lips. So for all you lippy-lovers out there, be sure to check out this guide on the various lipstick finishes before your next shopping trip.

1. Matte

  • Matte finishes completely have no shine due to the minimal to almost no moisture content.
  • Colors usually come out very pigmented or opaque, completely covering your lips. This is best for those who want long-lasting, budge-proof staying power.
  • If you're the type to "eat away" at your lip color, this is the finish you want in your kikay kit!
  • The downside to a matte finish is that it can be drying and cause the skin on your lips to flake.
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2. Satin or Creamy

  • Lush, silky smooth, satin, or creamy finishes are the most popular among makeup lovers because of their easy-glide application.
  • Due to the high moisture/wax/oil content, they double as lip moisturizers.
  • These are perfect for those who tend to have drier lips.
  • Coverage can range from sheer to opaque.
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3. Sheer

  • This type of formulation gives you a wash of color due to the low amount of pigment and medium to high moisture content.
  • It's difficult to decipher how it will look on your lips if you were to base it on the tube. You really need to test it on your lips and not on the back of your hand.

4. Liquid

  • As the label states, it's a liquid version of lip color.
  • It can range from sheer to opaque, and creamy to matte.
  • Liquid lip colors have wand applicators with either a sponge or brush tip.
  • It offers more precise control during application, especially along the edges of your lips.
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5. Gloss

  • This is often considered more of a topcoat, similar to what you would apply over your nail color.
  • It can be worn over lip color or alone on natural lips.
  • It leaves a shiny finish.
  • It ranges from clear to shimmery, and glittery to high-frost.
  • Some brands consider gloss and liquid to be the same type of lip color.

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