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Best Beauty Secrets Of Celebrities And Models

Ever wonder how celebs stay gorgeous? Here's a hint: it's not plastic surgery! We let you in on their top beauty tricks.

Our obsession with celebrities and models is a love-hate relationship, if you think about it. You love them because they're just so beautiful but then you also hate them because they're just so, well, damn, beautiful! Don't you just wish you knew their beauty secrets to be one step closer to looking like them?

Well, unless you've got a highly-paid team of stylists, publicists, agents, masseuses, and more, who pamper and make sure you always look perfect on and off the cameras, then, sorry, tough luck! But did you think they naturally look amazing day in, day out? No way! It's definitely no easy task; they're only human.

Doesn't that also make you feel better? You don't need all those people to make you look amazing! Why? Click through this Gallery and try out these beauty insider tips. We're sure you'll be on your way to looking celeb-worthy!

The biggest secret of all, though, is that models and celebrities have all these beauty secrets because they all have insecurities just like any girl. TRULY. They just know how to rock what they have with confidence.

Nobody is perfect! But we all have beauty secrets to share. Post it when you comment!

Click through to the Gallery below to find out a few of your favorite celebs' biggest beauty secrets!

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