Beauty Wars: Blue Eyeliners Edition

These will definitely flaunt your pretty brown eyes!

Before you conclude that blue eyeliners would take you to '80s territory, give this edition of Beauty Wars a chance! This color makes brown eyes pop, so if you're too tamad to create a full eyeshadow look, a cobalt flick is enough to light up your peepers.

Check out our contenders below to help you decide which one to get the next time you go shopping!

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Holika Holika Jewel-Light Waterproof Eyeliner in Lazuli Blue

Price: P295

Where To Buy: SM Fairview 

What It Is: A deep navy waterproof eyeliner with a bit of shimmer

Why We Love It: It glides on smoothly and it’s the perfect product for your waterline. It can be a sub for black liner because of its rich hue.

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Revlon Photoready Kajal Eye Pencil in Matte Marine

Price: P575

Where To Buy: SM Beauty 

What It Is: A highly pigmented aqua eyeliner with a sponge on the other end for smudging 

Why We Love It: if you want your lids poppin’, then this almost neon aqua liner should be in your kit. Perk: Its soft lead won’t tug the skin as you draw it on.

Make Up Factory Metallic Eyeliner in South Blue

Price: P795

Where to buy: SM Beauty

What It Is: A retractable royal blue liner with a metallic effect 

Why We Love It: This creamy tool grants you bejeweled lids in just one swipe. Its dazzling color payoff makes us feel like rockstars!


ARTWORK: Jico Joson PHOTOGRAPHY: Mixi Ignacio MAKEUP: Ara Fernando

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