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Beauty Wars: Brow Markers Edition

Which one will give you brows that wow?

You can go through horrible PMS and have zero makeup on, but when your kilay is on fleek, all is right in the world. Let's be real, though: Who always has time for perfect arches? To help you out, we tested brow pens from the most popular beauty brands. Which one will truly give you ~*brows that wow*~?

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Banila Co. Fox Tail Dual Tattoo Brow in Natural Brown

Price: P895

Where To Buy: Glorietta

What It Is: The dual tattoo brow marker boasts of a brush pen and an angled tip on opposite sides. It also promises to keep your brows filled in for up to seven days.

Why We Love It: You can create two versions of your brow with this pen: the brush tip for your everyday look, and the angled one for a more reinforced arch.

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K-Palette Lasting 2Way Eyebrow Liquid in Natural Brown

Price: P895

Where To Buy: Beauty Bar

What It Is: It's a felt tip pen with a shading powder on the other end.  

Why We Love It: Apart from letting you draw feathery strokes on bald spots, the cushion brow powder applicator creates softer-looking arches—they never look fake!  

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Clio Tinted Tattoo Kill Brow in Soft Brown

Price: P1,000 

Where To Buy: TriNoMa

What It Is: A tint that comes with brow mascara. It's the all-in-one tool you need if you want to sport bushy arches.

Why We Love It: The mascara thickens each strand, and the marker tip helps create a more defined eyebrow shape.

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Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Brow in Light

Price: P1,250

Where To Buy: Rustan’s The Beauty Source

What It Is: It’s made to endure both rain and sweat, and the brush tip makes it easy for any girl to define and fill the brows.

Why We Love It: The shade range they offer can seamlessly match the natural color of Pinay brows.


ARTWORK: Jico Joson PHOTOGRAPHY: Mixi Ignacio MAKEUP: Nicole Ceballos

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