LOL, Camila Mendes Used A Pancake To Blend Her Makeup

Somebody call Pancake House and get this girl a contract.

Just when you thought you couldn't love Riverdale's Camila Mendes more, she manages to up her awesome points by combining the two most wonderful things in the world: brunch and beauty. In a clip posted on Cole Sprouse's Instagram Stories this weekend, Mendes is shown blending her makeup in with not a Beautyblender, or a tissue, or even her fingers, but a damn pancake. Yup.

In the video, Mendes is chillin' in a booth at the iconic Pop's Diner on the set of the show when she suddenly picks up a pancake from her plate, folds it in half, and jokingly stamps it across her face like a sponge, "blending" in her foundation.

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Though we've seen a lot of weird-as-hell objects being used in lieu of makeup sponges in the last few years (let us never forget the balls-blending video, the condom-blending video, or, of course, the hard boiled egg-blending video), this is the first time we've seen breakfast food used in the making of smooth skin. And honestly, I'm loving it—solely because who the hell doesn't want to smash their face into some pancakes?

Of course, this is a totally ill-advised method, because it's a joke and not at all real, so please do not try this at home. No, your face won't fall off (unless you have a pancake allergy, I guess), but you will coat your skin in a fine layer of oil, which is a nightmare for anyone who's acne-prone.

Still, I will happily watch and re-watch this video until the end of time. Now excuse me—going to go order a stack of pancakes.

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