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The Best Coachella Beauty Trends Seen On Celebs

Major inspo here!

Coachella is a melting pot of artists, celebrities, out-of-this-world fashion choices, and even cooler beauty looks. If there were ever a perfect time and place for celebs to get out of their makeup comfort zone, Coachella would be THE place to do it. 

Already looking for festival inspo for next year? Here are the best ones. 

"Highlighter" Hair

Rainbow hair is usually a staple at Coachella, but we bet you've never seen a look that is this ~*bright*~. Props to Kylie Jenner because she definitely stood out from the huge crowd! 

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Unicorn Inspired

Pink hair? Braids? Face jewelry? Colorful eye makeup? Shay Michell can check them all because she SLAYED the unicorn makeup game. 

Flower Power

Because Mother Monster (aka Lady Gaga) has never been a conformist, instead of using plain 'ol highlighter to sparkle, she chose beautifully-painted flowers.

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Smoky Cat Eye

Just because you're going to be at a scorching hot venue, doesn't mean you can't go heavy with the eye makeup! Taylor Hill sure didn't and she looked F A B U L O U S.

Star Highlighter

Proving once more that she is an ~angel~, Alessandra Ambrosio subtly made her cheekbones pop with the use of stars! 

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