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The Lipstick Mistakes You Should Avoid To Score A Perfect Pout

Never forget to exfoliate.
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Lipstick may seem like one of those products you can just effortlessly swipe on without much thought, but it actually requires some practice (and a few hacks!) to score a flawless pout every time.

Below, we listed down the most common lipstick mistakes and how you can prevent or fix them:

  1. You don't exfoliate your lips.

    When applying foundation, you need a smooth canvas for it to go on seamlessly. The same goes for lipsticks; it won't go on as effortlessly if there are bits of dry skin.

    Solution: Prep your pout with a lip scrub. It will help gently exfoliate your puckers so your lippie goes on more ~smoothly~.

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  2. You forgo lip liner.

    Applying lipstick can be tricky, especially if you have a shaky hand. The result will be less Kylie Jenner and more like a messy coloring book.

    Solution: Before you apply lipstick, trace your pout with a lip liner to prevent your lippie from bleeding. Doing this step will also give the illusion of ~plumper~ puckers.

    Urban Decay 24/7 Lip Pencil, P1,320, Sephora


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  3. You use the wrong shade.

    Swiping on a lipstick is the easiest way to switch up your look with little to no effort. The shade, however, can make or break your MOTD. If it's too warm-toned, it can make your teeth appear yellow.

    Solution: Knowing your skin's undertone will make lipstick shopping so much easier! (Find yours here!) If you want your teeth to look whiter, consider adding cool-toned shades to your makeup collection. (Here are the best ones to try.)

  4. You forget to set it.

    Even lipsticks marketed as long-wearing can still fade, especially after a particularly heavy samgyupsal meal. You'll be left with an unsightly line around your pout, which is never a cute look!

    Solution: After applying lipstick, place a tissue on your pout, then lightly dust some setting powder on it. Swipe on another coat of lippie for good measure. This practice will ensure that the color won't fade easily, even after eating a greasy meal.

    Nichido Final Powder, P150, Watsons


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  5. You swipe lipstick directly after lip balm.

    Growing up, we were all used to applying lipstick right after lip balm, but this practice will actually *drag* the product around instead of letting it stay put.

    Solution: Apply lip balm before you start your entire makeup routine. By the time you put on your lipstick as the final step, your pout would have absorbed it already, leaving you with pillow-soft puckers.

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  6. You only put one coat on.

    Applying only one coat isn't going to show the true and full pigment of your lipstick. Plus, the color will fade much quicker throughout the day.

    Solution: Don't be afraid to layer on your lipstick! To prevent it from looking caked on, be sure to blot it with tissue after every coat.

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