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Cosmo Beauty Q&A: Makeup Trick For Uneven-Colored Lips

Cosmo's Style & Beauty columnist answers one of your most pressing beauty concerns this week!
Dear Cosmo,

I've always wanted to try different shades of lipstick for my full lips. However, my upper lip is darker than my lower lip, so whenever I apply lipstick, my upper lip pigments are in a darker shade. I tried adding thicker color to my upper lip but it still looks different. Is there any beauty regimen or makeup trick that would help me have even lip color when applying lipstick?


Hi Carol,

You're not the only one with this lip problem. The solution? Treat your lips' skin as you would your face when matching foundation to your skin tone. The key is to achieve a flawless base to make sure the true colors of your makeup appear, from brow to blush. For your lips, a nude lip liner is the answer. This will neutralize the colors of your lips to one even tone closest to the lightest shade of your lips' skin tone. Don't just line the borders of your lips; include the darker portion to match the lower natural lip color. Apply lipstick or gloss as you would.

However, most liners can tug at our lips' skin so apply a lip balm prior to lining. Even better, to make sure the liner and lipstick, especially the gloss, stay put much longer, apply a colorless base before lining. Most primers are concealer-like, which only lighten the actual color of lipstick or gloss. The colorless base not only serves as a glue which binds the product, enhancing color on your lips and making it last longer; the wax also fills in lip lines to keep lip color from bleeding and gives the appearance of fuller lips.

Must-try: Model Perfection Lip Wax Kit, P1,650. (Kit includes lip wax, nude lip liner, brush, and mirror.)


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