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Fake vs. Real Kylie Lip Kits

PHOTO: YouTube/Beauty Script

It’s no secret that Kylie Lip Kits are hard to get your hands on, especially since you can only purchase them online and they're almost always out of stock. That said, people have taken advantage of the situation, and started manufacturing fake Kylie Lip Kits and selling them on websites like Ebay, Aliexpress, and Poshmark. The thing is, the fake ones disturbingly look a lot like the authentic kits, especially for someone who’s only seen the product in photos and never IRL.   

YouTube beauty blogger Beauty Script made this video comparing fake and real Kylie Lip Kits in Dolce K, and it’s something every beauty-obsessed girl should watch, especially since we’re all into purchasing products online.

Share this video to your fellow lipstick lovers, and save yourself from purchasing fake makeup! Remember, buying fake makeup is NEVER worth it. Who knows what they have in them? Rat poop, perhaps?

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