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How To Do Your Makeup, As Demonstrated By This Cutie

We do not understand anything she is saying, but this girl is SKILLED.

Remember when you were a kid and you used to put on your mom's makeup in front of the mirror, because you felt like you knew your makeup shit really well? Well, this kid totally reminded us of how we were like when we were seven years old.


The girl's got mad makeup skills, don't you think? I mean, really, did you think to put white eyeshadow on the inner corner of your eyes when you were a kid? Also, yes, she totally nailed her winged eyeliner.

This girl will grow up to be a fabulous beauty editor, blogger, or makeup artist, or the next Michelle Phan. (SO to Michelle, this girl will put you out of business. JSYK.)

In case you were interested (and we know you are), she also does this makeup tutorial on how you, too, can look like Elsa from Frozen.


She is totally our new spirit animal.

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