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How To Remove Makeup Stains On Clothes

Like that kiss mark on his collar. #naughty


So you were feeling a little frisky and decided to smooch your man on his collar with your hot red lipstick on? No problem.

Grab your regular dishwashing soap and mix in a bit of water to get it a little sudsy. Dip in a clean cloth and gently pat on the area and let it sit for a few seconds. Once you see the oils break down, rinse it until the stain is completely gone. You can do this process two to three more times if you have to.


If you accidentally stain your sleeve with your mascara wand, take a makeup removing wipe and pat the area to lift the stain. Another hack you can try is spraying a small amount of hairspray on the stain—let it set, and then rinse it with water after.

You can also use this cleaning hack with eyeliner marks.

Nail Polish

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Put paper towels or old cloths under your stained shirt to make sure that the nail polish doesn’t do any more damage. Grab another piece of paper towel and soak in the nail polish from above. Get rid of the stain by very gently patting a cotton pad loaded with nail polish remover.

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If the nail polish has already hardened, put your shirt (rug, bed sheet, anything!) inside a plastic bag and put it in the freezer. Let the nail polish harden and then you can scrape it off using an old card. If it leaves a stain, gently pat with a cotton pad soaked in nail polish remover.

Tip: If your fabric is made of acetate, you might want to skip using nail polish remover, because acetone can actually melt your fabric. Yikes.

Liquid Foundation

If you’re using an oil-free foundation, wet the area, spray on some shaving cream, and gently rub it in with a tooth brush—this should get rid of the stain easily. However, if your foundation is oil-based, put a few drops of dishwashing liquid and then take a damp cloth to get rid of the stain.

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Eye shadow and blush

Before you do anything, shake off any excess product first. Using a damp cloth with a bit of soap, dab the stained area until it disappears. This technique works well for powdered makeup like foundation, eye shadow, blush, and bronzer. 

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