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Preparing For A Job Interview? Here's A Makeup Look You Can Try Using Products Under P500

Less is more.
PHOTO: Youtube/Anne Clutz

If you're reading this, you're probably looking forward to getting your dream job. You've picked out your crispest white blouse + black blazer, printed a few copies of your resumé and portfolio, and practiced all your answers to the recruiter's ~potential~ questions.

But before you head out the door, you should also consider your makeup look. You may think it's not crucial to your application, but remember that the interviewer will be looking at your face 95% of the time. You'll want to look sleek and polished from head to toe.

If you're unsure of the ~proper~ makeup look fit for an interview and how to do it, worry not! Beauty YouTuber Anne Clutz has a video that will solve your beauty dilemmas. Ahead, we've listed down her top tips and we also suggested products you can use under P500!

  1. Don't skip makeup primer.

    Applying foundation on bare skin is a huge no-no as it will only stick to your dry patches and emphasize your pores. Anne recommends using a primer beforehand so your base goes on smoothly. This step is also helpful if you have a full day of interviews ahead of you—you'll be sure that your MOTD will stay in place all day.

    QUICK FX No Shine Mattifier, P279, Lazada


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  2. Use a full-coverage foundation.

    According to Anne, knowing that her blemishes are well-camouflaged gives her an extra boost of confidence. A full-coverage foundation will also create a smooth canvas to work on.

    Pink Sugar Our Lil Secret Foundation, P399, Lazada


  3. Set your face with powder.

    To ensure that your makeup look will really last, Anne recommends locking in your MOTD with a loose setting powder. This is an important step if you have oily skin because it will keep your face matte throughout the day.

     Final Powder, P150, Watsons


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  4. Go for "softer" eyebrows.

    According to Anne, something to keep in mind when doing your kilay is to not make them look matapang or mataray. When filling them in, use a light hand and set hairs in place with an eyebrow gel. Remember, you don't want to intimidate the interviewer—instead, you want to give off the impression that you have a pleasing personality and that you're easy to work with!

    Careline Best Brow Liner, P150, Lazada


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  5. Swipe on a matte liquid lipstick.

    Anne recommends using a long-wearing matte liquid lipstick to cap off your makeup look—this is to make sure that your lippie won't transfer to your teeth (awkward!).

    Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink Collection Liquid Lipstick in Globe-Trotter, P349, Lazada


Watch the rest of Anne Clutz's helpful makeup tutorial here:


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