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Kylie Jenner Cautions Against Buying Fake Lip Kits

That 'sold out' tag shouldn't be an excuse to look elsewhere.
PHOTO: Instagram/kyliejenner

When you spot someone reselling Kylie Lip Kits online or in a physical store, your obvious reaction might be to feel excited. I mean, those things are usually sold out online! So to see a bunch of shades—at lower prices, no less—warrants some rejoicing, right???

Hmm, not so fast. If you’ve been following our fake makeup coverage (and we hope you have), you’re probably well aware that these things are always way too good to be true. Every astonishingly cheap cosmetic you see carries with it tons of health risks you wouldn’t want to ignore. We don’t just mean allergies that subside after a few days—we’re talking organ damage and cancer!

Kylie Jenner, whose Lip Kits are a popular choice for counterfeiters, recently addressed the issue on Snapchat. She explained that is the only legit source for her products, and that anywhere else is fake.

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She also brought up the risk of being exposed to shady, toxic ingredients…

Including glue!

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Kylie posted Snaps of the supposed Kylie Cosmetics products floating around—one of which is powder foundation, which Kylie has NEVER made.

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She concluded by saying, “I feel responsible to give you guys a warning… And I just want you guys to have the very best.”

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