The Easy Makeup Trick To Hide Tired Eyes

Hello, bright eyes!
PHOTO: Instagram/jellyeugenio

If there’s one body part that can easily give away how you feel, it’s your eyes. When you’re puyat and pagod AF, your eyes will definitely say that you haven’t had a full eight-hour sleep. However, with just a few makeup tricks, you can instantly brighten up your peepers and show the world that you’re ready for another day of hustling.

The easiest way to hide any signs of tiredness is by focusing on bringing hydration and brightness to the area. Begin by de-puffing and moisturizing the area around your eyes with a soothing eye cream. Then, take a brightening concealer to mask dark under eye circles.

Do your usual eye makeup—don’t forget to curl your lashes and pile on mascara!—and then try this trick: take a highlighter (or shimmery shadow) and press the pigment on your eye’s inner corner. Think of it as “eye lighting” of sorts. For a more natural ganda-lang brightness, try using juuust a bit of liquid or cream highlighter or eye shadow on the area. If you want it more intense, you can top it off with a powder highlighter. Easy!

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Check out how Nadine Lustre looks oh-so-fresh with some champagne-colored shadow on her inner corner:

Liza Soberano also does the trick:

Sarah Lahbati  shows that the technique will work even for more dramatic looks:

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