You Can Now Dip Your Nails In A Pot Of Powder To Get A Perfect Mani

Coolest thing we've seen today.
PHOTO: Instagram/kiaraskynails

Step aside, manicure markers! Nail powders might have just dethroned you for the coveted title of the simplest, most mess-free way of getting nails done. Insider Beauty has us and over 100,000 other people sending up likes with this video featuring the nail color of the future.

They’re Kiara Sky Dip Powders, and they come in a wide array of shades and finishes to satisfy even the most indecisive person. Ease of use and convenience aside—seriously, you can’t get simpler than dipping a nail into the pot then sealing with a top coat—we love how these powders can create different effects! Gradient nails, contrasting tips—sounds cool, right?

Plus, they’re kinder to nails! We’re all familiar with the way regular polish makes our nails brittle and weak when worn for too long, but Dip Powders are gentler than that. According to the brand’s official website, these are “formulated without harsh chemicals and with added vitamins and calcium to strengthen natural nails.”

You can find them online for $14.99 each, or you could get the Master Set (which contains all 124 colors) for $1,599.99, LOL. At that rate, you’re best opening your own salon.

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