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Sailor Moon Highlighters Are Here And We Need Them Now

PHOTO: Instagram/toothandnailcosmetics

With the re-release of new Sailor Moon lipsticks plus a talented beauty guru recreating all the looks of the Sailor Scouts, it seems like everyone's favorite '90s cartoon, Sailor Moon, is having a bit of a revival thanks to its 25th anniversary.

And the new collection that will boost your Sailor Moon-loving heart is here: highlighters, released by Tooth & Nail Cosmetics in celebration of their one year anniversary! 

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According to Allure, "The packaging is completely adorable, with images of Artemis, Luna, and Diana (basically, the cats associated with the main characters, if you're not familiar with the show) printed on the compacts."

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Check out the photos below for a closer look at Artemis, Mini Moon, Luna, and Diana!

Luna would look excellent over blush, as it's a pink-based lavender highlighter that is reminiscent of cotton candy!

Diana has a golden tone that will literally make tan and darker skin tones ~*beam*~ like a disco ball.

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Artemis is your classic vanilla highlighter, but it will work for tons of different skin tones because of its fine gold shimmers!

If you're sick of champagne and golden highlighters, you can always make a statement with Mini Moon, a metallic bright pink that's not for the faint of heart.

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Which highlighter is your fave, CGs? 

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