All The Fun Ways To Add ~*Purple*~ To Your Makeup Looks

It's a ~berry~ fun pop of color.
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When it comes to creating makeup looks, most, if not all of us, feel safer using warm tones. (Brown palettes 4ever!) Who can blame us? They're beginner-friendly and easy to mix and match. But with the new year fast approaching, why not try incorporating ~*fun*~ pops of color to your MOTD?

If you're wondering what color to begin with, we highly recommend purple. It's still a relatively "safe" hue that doesn't look too out there, but it's still far enough from your usual reds, burnt oranges, and browns. Also, purple makes Pinay brown eyes really stand out!

Below, we present to you the different ways you can incorporate this cool-toned hue to your makeup ~lewks~:

  1. Eyeshadow

    Applying a purple eyeshadow all over your lid immediately opens up your peepers. You can use a matte formula if you still want to be ~safe~ or a shimmery one if you're feeling a bit more bold. 

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  2. Inner corner

    We're normally used to applying champagne-, gold-, or silver-colored highlighters when brightening our inner corners. Substituting them with a purple shadow is a fun little surprise, especially if the rest of your makeup look screams ~bronzed goddess~. 

  3. Eyeliner

    Chuck your black and brown eyeliners for a purple one to lift up your eyes and make them appear bigger. You can take it a step further and use a ~*glittery*~ formula if you really want to commit! ;)

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  4. Lower eyelid

    If you're no stranger to smoky eye makeup, you would know that applying eyeshadow on your lower eyelid really helps to bring together the entire look. Apply some purple shadow in that area for a "sweet lang" look. 

  5. Blush

    Let your usual red, pink, and coral blushes rest for a while and give purple a shot! Don't worry, this shade won't make you look like you have a bruise on your face—this unconventional color can actually brighten up yellow or sallow complexions!

  6. Highlighter

    If you're not one to shy away from more daring shades, swipe on a lavender-toned highlighter for a pretty ~*celestial*~ glow. 

  7. Lipstick

    If you have a relatively simple makeup look on but you want to turn up the ~drama~, swiping on a dark, plum-colored lippie is the way to go! 

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