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Fake An Entire Face Of Makeup With This New Video Technology

The Japanese really think of everything.

Who here has shied away from a video call, just because she’s too embarrassed to show her makeup-free face? We know we have! And those lucky people who actually get to work from home every day—isn’t it kind of annoying to get all dolled up for a video conference when it’s pretty clear you’d rather be wearing pajamas in front of your laptop?

Well, according to Marie Claire, Japanese beauty giant Shiseido and Microsoft Japan have collaborated on the solution to all our WFH (Working From Home) woes. It’s called TeleBeauty, and it’s seriously mind-blowing. Watch the video to see it in action:

Instant face full of mascara, blush, and lipstick aside, what REALLY amazes us about this is how intelligent the software is in tracking your movements. Unless, of course... Your internet connection is particularly shitty, which is very likely here in the Philippines. And the next thing you know, the screen freezes and you have random bits of makeup floating over a ghost face! LOL!

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