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Apparently, People Are Shaving Off Their Eyebrow Tails To Score Kendall Jenner's Arches

Is it worth it?

In today's weird viral TikTok trends, something that's been making rounds all over the Discover page is the "Fox Eye Challenge," where people shave off their eyebrow tails and arches (or sometimes, even the whole thing—eep!) to score straight brows a la Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid.

First, they take a facial razor and shave away everything from the arch to the tail (cue their face of "OMG-did-I-really-just-do-that"). We see them posing for a bit with their half-brows before proceeding to draw the rest in to create a straighter brow shape. This gives them a more lifted, fox eye effect that looks super sultry! Here's a video ~for your reference~:


Tried the ##foxeye thingy! ##makeup ##foxeyetrend ##dojacat

? bish im a cow - smoltammy


Attempting the FOX EYE TREND ???? ##foxeye ##foxeyechallenge ##makeup ##fyp ##foryou

? Supalonely (feat. Gus Dapperton) - BENEE

You would think that we have learned from our early to mid-2000s mistake of over-plucking our kilay in the hopes of looking like Christina Aguilera, but we must say, hats off to these girls for being brave enough to shave off their arches like it's nothing! TBF, shaving is much safer than tweezing because it poses a lesser risk of permanent hair loss. But if you ask me, I am still scarred by my own brow experimentation in the past. I will be sticking to a technique that requires ~less commitment~ to score the same results, TYVM.


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