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How To Quickly Hide A Hangover

No one will ever know. ;)
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If you drank one too many cocktails last night and have a massive hangover and need to be somewhere important today, here's how you can make your skin look plump and radiant!

Drink water, lots of it.

Glamour reported that one to two glasses of alcohol can dehydrate your body like a drying plane ride. Before going to bed or as soon as you get up the next day, drink up a beverage that boosts electrolytes in your system. Coconut water is a great option!

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Remove any leftover makeup.

Chances are, you weren't able to properly remove your makeup last night. Take off any leftover mascara and lipstick with a moisturizing cleansing wipe. Follow it up with your regular facial wash.

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Moisturize, of course.

After double-cleansing, layer a moisturizer with hyaluronic acid to re-hydrate your skin fast! [Via Vogue India]

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Revive tired peepers with eye drops.

According to Byrdie, a dehydrated face and body can also mean red AF eyes. Refresh them with eye drops that specifically fight redness and add moisture.

De-puff those bags.

When you drink alcohol, Reader's Digest said that "you're more prone to retaining fluids." Use an eye mask and an eye cream to remove puffiness and to hide any traces of being sleep-deprived.

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Invest in a good concealer and skip the heavy foundation.

Use a tiny amount of a pigmented, long-wearing concealer on your eye bags and pimples to even out your skin tone. [Via Byrdie] Also, now is not the time for thick and heavy foundations, as these only emphasize, your greenish pallor, a.k.a your gray complexion. Try a CC cream or a tinted moisturizer for a natural-looking glow.

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Use a lot of mascara.

A few coats on your lashes is enough to make your eyes look awake in seconds!

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Opt for a liquid tint or cream blush.

Powder blushes emphasize a dehydrated complexion. Apply a coral or peach ltint or cream blush for a natural-looking flush that looks even better when you're pawis.

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Swipe on your fave lippie.

Wear whatever color that makes you feel like your best self.

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