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The Simple Highlighter Trick To Instantly Upgrade Your Look

Try this hack the next time you do your makeup.
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We’ll be the first ones to admit that ever since highlighting became more mainstream, we haven’t really skipped doing the step in our daily makeup routines. (Yes, even during days when we’re just running errands at the nearby mall, no kidding.) We all love the subtle sheen and glow that a good illuminator can do to our faces!

Finding the right shade of highlighter that will flatter your skin can do wonders in bringing out your features and even making your skin appear smoother and softer. But what makes highlighting a little tricky is finding the right places on your face to put it on: A dust of shimmer on the wrong spot, and you can instantly look oily in a non-cute way.

Highlighters were meant to draw in more light and add dimension to your face. If done right, you can also add a bit of lift to your face and feign ~*supermodel cheekbones*~.

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A great trick that we learned from Tom Ford Beauty is to use your fingers apply a cream highlighter on the highest part of cheekbones, starting from the outer part of your face and work your way towards the center, and stopping just by the end of the eye. This will leave a beautiful, soft, dewy, and natural finish on the skin. Also, this makes sure that your highlighter doesn’t mix with your under-eye concealer.

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To complement the highlighter, Tom Ford also believes in using a cream contour placed on the hollows of the cheeks and is blended both upwards and downwards to make it look more natural. Here’s a quick guide to what they call “face architecture”:

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Tom Ford beauty is now open at Adora in Greenbelt 5.

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