Your Disney Princess Dreams Are About To Come True With These Lipsticks

We. Want. Every. Single. One.

We’re suckers for two things: Disney and makeup. That’s why when beauty blogs and websites starting raving about a Disney Princess line of liquid lipsticks, we *kind of* peed in our big girl pants in excitement. Just kidding. Or not. 

It turns out, LA Splash Cosmetics—yes, the same one that created the Harry Potter liquid lipstick line—also houses a collection of Disney Princess-inspired liquid lipsticks. The collection is made of 12 different shades, each inspired by our fave female characters.

Check out the pigmentation of each lippie:

Here are some of our favorites:

Belle – A pretty dusty rose.

Jasmine – A bright electric magenta.

Aurora – A smooth light burgundy.

Ariel – A bright baby pink.

So pretty! Each tube costs 14 dollars via the company’s website. The only thought we have right now?

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Now You, Too, Can Look Like A Disney Girl

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