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20 Rainbow-Inspired Manicures To Try Because You're Not A Boring Babe

Make your life extra colorful!
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/betina_goldstein, (RIGHT) Instagram/tipsnailbar

When you can't decide what nail polish color to wear, why not try the rainbow nail art trend? If it isn't obvious yet, ROYGBIV hues are pleasant on the eyes. Check out the different types of super cute (and not tacky) rainbow manicure ideas we found. From minimalist designs to OTT looks, you'll surely find one for your personality.

  1. How about rainbow stripes in different directions?

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  2. Here's one flaming hot mani.

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  3. Try trippy nail art to ~change~ things up.

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  4. This one is pretty easy to achieve: multi-colored digits!

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  5. Its matte version is a winner, too.

  6. Subtle rainbow stripes will work for the minimalist girl.

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  7. Make it holographic for a special twist.

  8. Jelly nails will make everybody jelly of your mani.

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  9. Tie dye isn't just for clothes, okay?

  10. This rainbow nail art reminds us of vintage t-shirt prints in the '70s.

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  11. Rainbow-outlined nails are cute!

  12. Negative space + rainbow = Totally IG-worthy

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  13. Neon rainbows are definitely out of the ordinary.

  14. This mani was made for the shy girl:

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  15. Rainbows and stars create a dreamy manicure.

  16. Geometric rainbows are just wow!

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  17. Use rainbows as accents for your manicure.

  18. When you want to keep things simple: Go for pastel hues and single stripes.

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  19. The rainbow swirls were probably inspired by multi-colored lollipops.

  20. Update the French Tip with rainbow hues.

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