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Just 7 Photos Of Sam Cruz That Prove The 'Golden Hour' ~*Glow*~ Is Real

Timing is everything.
How to take cute golden hour selfies, as seen on Sam Cruz
PHOTO: Instagram/samcruzm

If you haven't been taking your pics during golden hour, you're missing out on a lot! "Golden hour" happens between 4 p.m. to 6 p.m., before sunset. (If you want to be more accurate, you can check the exact time in your location using this website.) This window period is considered to be the best time to take photographs. The sunlight during this time creates a warm glow on the photos

Another big plus? When you take a selfie or outfit pic during the golden hour, your skin looks glowing. (Fun fact: Thirst trap pics and beach photos are best taken in the afternoon.)

Sam Cruz's photos are perfect examples: Her cute selfies are almost effortless, and her outfit pics look more dimensional. If you need more ideas on how to take advantage of the golden hour, check out her pics below:

How To Take Cute Golden Hour Selfies, As Seen On Sam Cruz

  1. Choose a spot where light and shadow mix, and then close your eyes for a dreamy shot.

    Sam Cruz's golden hour selfie
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  2. Before taking a golden hour selfie, apply a warm-toned blush on your cheeks for a healthy glow.

    Sam Cruz's golden hour selfie, drunk blush
  3. An easy summer outfit? Wear a yellow outfit to look instantly cute!

    Sam Cruz's golden hour selfie, yellow bikini
  4. Don't forget to put on highlighter to make your complexion appear extra glowing,

    Sam Cruz's golden hour selfie: Posing in a flower garden
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  5. Take advantage of the sunlight, wherever you are.

    Sam Cruz's golden hour selfie: Bathroom
  6. Pose with your furbaby!

    Sam Cruz's golden hour selfie: posing with dog
  7. Put on an outfit with a pop of color when posing against a blank white wall.

    Sam Cruz's golden hour selfie: Outfit
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