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~*Super Sexy*~ Poses To Try For Your Birthday Photoshoot

It ain't a birthday post without a birthday suit pic...
Sexy Poses To Try For Your Birthday Posts
PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Instagram/annecurtissmith, Instagram/maxcollinsofficial

Hello! We're here again to bring you photo inspo for your upcoming birthday photoshoot. Here at Cosmo, we love celebrating our bodies, and what better way to honor our bodies than with a birthday photoshoot featuring our birthday suits? 

A word of caution though, if you'll do a self-shoot or ask someone to take almost NSFW photos of yourself, you need to follow safety guidelines. This is important so no photos would leak anywhere without your consent. We discuss it thoroughly here.

Now that's covered, let's head to some celeb-approved sexy poses to help you with art direction.

Sexiest Poses To Try On Your Birthday

1. Bikini pics don't need to be taken indoors.

A stairwell can also be a photoshoot venue. Don a white bikini, sit on the ledge, and give your most seductive gaze.

Angelique Manto

2. Here's a low-key way to post a topless pic without exposing yourself too much.

Just wipe off a bit of the shower steam left on the bathroom mirror. To be super safe, wear a nude-toned strapless bikini top when taking this selfie.

Nadine Lustre

3. Another hotel bathroom opportunity.

Sit on the tub, slightly facing the wall, then slowly look at the camera. This angle is flattering for everyone.

Anne Curtis

4. Not really ready to show off a lot of skin?

Go braless and put on a boxy blazer. It also helps if you use a blurry or film cam filter to make the pic grainy. You won't feel like your skin is too exposed.

Sofia Andres

5. For a change, try posing for a black and white photo for an edgy yet sexy vibe.

Wear smoky eye makeup, try a wet-hair look, and put on a pair of black stockings.

Elisse Joson

6. Dare to try an outdoor topless shoot.

Wear nipple tapes to keep you covered throughout the whole shoot!

Max Collins

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