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To My Instagram Boyfriend And BFF: A Guide On How To Take Better Pictures Of ME

Important lessons!

We've discussed posing ideas multiple times here on, so we decided it's time to ~*pivot*~ to another essential element when posting pretty photos. We're talking about the Instagram boyfriends and BFFs, the unsung heroes of our double-tap worthy pics. Without them, our grid would look blah or be filled with selfies

What is an Instagram boyfriend anyway?

For starters, you don't need to have a romantic relationship with your Instagram boyfriend. The person is called as such because he or she is the number one supporter of your Instagram dream: Having a double-tap-worthy, photogenic picture. Your Instagram boyfriend is your photographer, art director, and hype girl all in one.

Their duty is not an easy feat. They are pressured to take a photogenic pic of us. And because not everyone has a photography background, we need to help them out to help us, LOL. Below is a full and easy guide that will teach them the basics! (You're welcome.)

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To our Instagram boyfriend and BFF, please take these pointers to heart so you can take better pictures of us.

How to Take Better Pictures: How to be a good Instagram Boyfriend

  1. Clean the camera's lenses.

    An underrated tip: Wipe away the dirt on the lens so the photo looks clearer.

    How to take nice pictures using your phone
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  2. Use the grid lines to properly estimate the framing.

    Doing this step will prevent a photo from looking unbalanced. You can follow the rule of thirds to check if the framing is good.

    Elisse Joson's pretty Instagram picture
  3. Don't be afraid to try different angles.

    Check which angle looks more flattering or which shows a better background.

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    How to take better pictures: Try different angles just like what Rei Germar and Migy Romero did
  4. Take it from below to make your subject look taller.

    If you must sit on the floor, please do so. We'll return the favor.

    How to take better pictures: Try shooting from below like Sarah Lahbati.
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  5. Consider our "good side."

    Take into consideration if we look good on our left or right side. Ask us if you're unsure.

    How to take better pictures: Ask for the subject's good side. Sofia Andres looks cute in this pic!
  6. Shoot lots of photos. A lot.

    Options, options, options! It's important to have a lot of photos to choose from.

    Kylie Versoza posing in her room.
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  7. Hype us up!

    We need all the confidence boost we could get. Also, art-direct us. Tell us if we look cute or if we're posing at a weird angle. You may be seeing details that we couldn't see.

    Anne Curtis flashing a huge smile.
  8. Avoid zooming in.

    This results in low-res photos. Please move closer to the subject for a crisper resolution.

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  9. Choose a nice filter.

    What mood are you going for? Try black-and-white for a mysterious vibe or go grainy for a vintage film cam effect. Choose a bright and vivid filter for happy, cheerful pics.

    Bea Alonzo at the beach.
  10. Accept that energy and patience are important.

    We're not lying when I say that it will take a gazillion of shots before you get that one perfect picture. If we need to use an Instax or a film camera, then we should ~*exhaust*~ all our efforts until we get that perfect picture.

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    Man taking Instax photo

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