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3 Pabango Trends To Try Out This Year

Looking for a new signature scent?
PHOTO: Gustavo Arrais

We get it. Once you find your perfect pabango, it'd be crazy to try something elsewhy risk smelling weird when you already have a signature scent that makes you smell like a goddess all day and night, right? 

But whenever you get hit with the bug of wanting to try new things and seeing what else is out there in the world of fragrances, why not use these three trends as your guide?

Unisex scents

Just like how men's and women's fashion choices are now becoming gender-neutral, the same goes for perfumes, with a large number of companies starting to make unisex scents. This year, the trend is bigger than ever with fragrances that are no longer distinctly female (i.e. floral and sweet) or distinctly male (i.e. warm and spicy).

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Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir 30ml, P3,600, SM Aura

Niche perfumes

Tired of perfumes made from the same old ingredients and want something more special? The perfect choice for those of you who loooove luxury perfumes, niche brands often make theirs with new methods and rare ingredients like Damask rose, honeycomb, and ambergris (a waxy material from sperm whales that transforms into a fragrant rockSO COOL).

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Diptyque Volutes Eaux De Parfum 75ml, P8,750, BHS Central Square

Refreshing dose of greens

Perfect for our tropical climate, perfumes that contain herbal ingredients such as green tea and mint will freshen up your senses and instantly wake you up. Just the kind you need to invigorate you in the summer heat!

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L’Occitane Green Tea Eau De Toilette 75ml, P3,500, Rustan’s Shangri-La

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