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3 Places Where You Should Be Applying Hairspray

That aren't on your hair.

So you haven't touched your bottle of hairspray in months? Bet you didn't know you could use it on these...

1. On your brows.

No time to groom your arches in the morning? Easy. Spritz hairspray on a spoolie, and use that to brush your hair upwards. The technique will make your brows look groomed, even with Z-E-R-O makeup.

2. On the insole of your shoes.

Spritzing hairspray on the insole of your high heels—like pumps without ankle straps—will help keep your feet from slipping out of 'em.

3. On shoes.

Lightly spritz hairspray on shoes to help prolong shine. But not too much, because too shiny = cheap-looking

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