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Alternatives For When You Can't Get The 'Aztec Secret' Clay Mask

Those long lines at Healthy Options don't lie.
PHOTO: (LEFT) Facebook/Healthy Options, (RIGHT) Mixi Ignacio

After seeing the long line outside Healthy Options Glorietta (one of the retailer's biggest branches), we knew that stocks of the Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Mask will soon be wiped out—and it did! 

So what makes everybody go crazy over it? The Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Mask has received rave reviews on the internet (read ours here!) because it solves the most common oily skin problems! Each tub contains 100 percent bentonite clay which clears pimples, sucks up oil, and tightens pores.

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But because getting ahold of it seems impossible, we found great substitutes that can also grant you flawless skin in no time.

  1. This cooling mask expunges all the gunk from the pores and keeps a shiny T-zone at bay, too!

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  2. The Kaolin and Morrocan lava clay in this mask absorb excess oil and lift dead skin cells.

  3. Apart from its pore-purifying ingredients, it has moringa seed oil that protects the face from air pollution.

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  4. It has volcanic ash which gets rid of sebum and dirt.

  5. Its two major ingredients, bamboo charcoal + white China clay, unclog the pores and detoxify the skin.

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  6. This tube starred in Elisse Joson's skincare routine video—isn't that enough to make you buy one for yourself?

  7. This jar has a fancy ingredient: French Pink Clay! This exfoliates and leaves your skin plump and glowing. Besides that, it has rosehip oil which prevents acne marks from forming. (Available in

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