12 Pretty And Delicate Back-Of-The-Neck Tattoo Ideas

It's one of the best areas to get inked!
PHOTO: Instagram/tattoosforeverygirl

Aside from your fingers, wrists, and rib cage, another spot that works best for delicate and intricate tattoos is the back of your neck, aka your batok. So whether you're wearing a messy top knot or a loose braid or a basic ponytail, here are a few ink ideas that would look great on one of the "least painful" places to get a tattoo on. [via Painful Pleasures]

1. For the animal lover.

2. You can always add a unique touch to a popular tattoo design. 

3. The best way to make a statement in a swimsuit or backless top!

4. Quotes, sarcastic or not, are the best!

5. This symbol can remind you that you can overcome anything.

6. Nature tattoos are always beautiful! 

7. You can take your love for the stars and galaxies to new heights!

8. This one is a more simplistic approach. 

9. Shapes are anything but basic once you add a little color to them.

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10. Because winter is coming.

11. It's so cute and girly!

12. You can always get a variety of words, shapes, and designs on the same spot.

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